Over the last years I were mostly working with node.js and before that my main language was Python, so (as I say in the previous post ) I decided to start learning about Rust and Go.

I started with go, reading about the language and watching some youtube videos. This is a small list of resources that I found useful

Recently the Go team also launch go.dev a hub for Go developers where you can find all kind of resources related to Go and the Go community.

And finally, I think is an excellent idea start with the Rob Pike’s talk why Golang is Sucessful

Then I start looking for Rust resources, the first one was the rust book and continue with Command line apps in Rust. Other resources that i found useful

Also, as I did with Go, here is a nice video about Rust from the RustConf 2019

I hope you find this resources useful as me, in the next posts I will start the play with both of the languages trying to build something fun….

stay tune!